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Jeremiah Crowley Derrycreveen Bere Island 1803

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:51 pm
by admin
Jeremiah Darby [Dermot] Crowley born 1803 is my Great Great Grandfather. According to 'Who Were My Ancestors' by Riobard O'Dwyer he originated in Derrycreveen before setting first in Castletownbere before lastly ending up in Reenagalawn, Ballinakilla some time before Griffiths Valuation of 1853.
He married twice and had 12 children. First wife was Johanna Causkey of Cloughland (d. approx 1841) and his second was Johanna (Jane) Quill.
I am trying to find his family.
There are at least 8 Crowley individuals in Derrycreveen at the time who potentially could be related with no definite links

I can see a Joh. Crowley as a witness at his first wedding to Johanna Causkey in 1830. I assume this is John Crowley. Is this his father? or potentially a brother or cousin? Is he one of one of the John Crowleys below?
Potential 1:
There is a John Crowley (m. Johanna Seer) at the time who had 6 children (b. 1826 - 1838) in Derrycreveen.
Potential 2:
There is a John Crowley (m. Ellen Sullivan) at the time who had 6 children (b. 1836 - 1846) in Knockane (Bank Rossmacowen) and one in Rerrin.
Potential 3.
There is a John Crowley (m. Catherine Cumba) (m. 1838) in Derrimihan, Castletownbere.

Re: Jeremiah Crowley Derrycreveen Bere Island 1803

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:20 pm
by admin
There are Crowleys present as witnesses at the Christening at 3 of his children. Are these siblings, cousins, or even neighbours? Without ages, dates or locations its near impossible to identify these individuals. My intention is to input all Crowleys from Castletownbere and Bere Island into my tree and use process of elimination to identify who these Crowleys are

Christening of Jim May 1852 Sponsor 1 TIMOTHY CROWLY
Christening of Daniel in Nov 1841 Witness Julia Crowley
Christening of Michael in Apr 1835 Witness Catherine Crowley